Marvin Leavitt: Appellate Judge Turned Family Law Advocate

A few weeks after Grund & Leavitt PC founding partner Marvin J. Leavitt left the bench and returned to private practice, he got a call from a lawyer he had decided cases against.

marvin_leavitt_thumb.jpgIt was family law attorney David Grundwho wanted to hire Leavitt, a former appellate court judge, to consult on appeals. 

“When I got off the bench, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back into criminal work for the reason that I had kind of done that already. But that’s where I had drifted until I got a call one day from David, my partner, who had argued two cases before me in the appellate court. He lost both, so there could have been no bias shown when I first met him and we had gotten friendly,” Leavitt says, laughing.

The consulting went so well that Grund soon approached Leavitt with a new idea — joining forces to create the high-end family law firm that now sits in a stately North Side Chicago greystone.

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