Asset Classification and Valuation

Members of our firm have successfully represented clients in cases where there is a controversy over the classification of assets as marital or non-marital property, which is oftentimes a challenging and difficult task, due to the rigorous tracing requirements of the Illinois divorce statute.

Divorces that involve unique or substantial assets and/or closely-held businesses require specialized knowledge beyond that which a typical divorce attorney possesses. Over the years, Grund & Leavitt has developed a team of attorneys with strong backgrounds and experience in handling complicated financial and business matters. Further, our team has expertise and skills in a variety of related areas of law, including: real estate, complex securities, business interests, tax strategy, trusts, and more. These skills have proven invaluable to our clients in achieving optimal results in matters involving property disputes, and claims for maintenance and child support, in order to negotiate settlements of those issues on favorable terms or prepare for trial, when necessary.